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Capturing Life's intimate moments

 I love to document the world around my clients with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. I bring the beauty of Savannah and mix it with the beauty of your life to create memories to last. For my couples that means capturing the two of you for what your relationship is.  I want to get to know you and have that translate into my images so you can have what you love most about your relationship forever documented in art. 


For my intimate boudoir portraits I strive to capture your raw  beauty. I want you to feel like the beautiful human that you are.  I want to take those little insecurities and make your see the beauty in them. Self love is powerful and that is exactly what I want to help you achieve. 

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Finding the self love you deserve


 As women it is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes we see ourselves in such a hard light and I want to change that! I want to show you how kick ass, awesome and beautiful you are.. AND I WANT YOU TO FEEL IT TOO.

I want my clients walking away with a new found love for themselves and every curve on their body. I don't promise to make you something your not, I promise to show you who are and that person deserves love too, imperfections and all.

Give yourself love

I promise to be as vulnerable as I ask you to be

Yupp, that girl to the left is me.  Self love is a never ending notion, choosing to love yourself is so worth it though. I have birthed two beautiful children and it has been a journey to give myself grace  and its a journey everyone should take the leap to do.  

Don't worry about posing or not knowing what to do. Ill be down in the ground right beside you showing you how and walking you though everything!  A session with me is full of laughing and me telling you how hot you look an annoyingly amount of times. 

Looking for a community of amazing women and a safe place to post? Join my little Facebook community focused on empowering each other! 

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Meet Samantha 

Fun loving, outspoken adventure seeker

I am a coffee loving,  beach going, mom of two who enjoys having fun.
You can always find me with a camera in my hand out exploring with my family. 
As much as I love to sit at home and binge watch Netflix, I equally love leaving the house at 8 am and coming back in time to get the kids to bed as we find every and any adventure around us. 

When you hire me for your session you are getting your new best friend, turning sessions into a fun time is what I am here for! I love being able to create memories for my clients as authentically as possible. My couples will dance on the beach and whisper funny nothings into each others ear. My boudoir loves will feel empowered as you are cheered on by your own personal hype girl (aka me). 

This is my passion and I hope it shines through in the memories we create.
 I cant wait to create moments for  the  Savannah Ga area!


From the mountains

to the beaches, I love it all.

I'm Samantha, the creative eye behind Samantha Byrd Photography, and I am so glad you found me! Living on Oahu has let me fly my free spirit flag high, with too many adventures to count. My two children and husband are my favorite adventure buddies, we love taking advantage of every chance we get to soak up all that this amazing chain of islands has to offer. In my free time I love hanging out at beach, Snorkeling with the honu and spending time with my family and friends, almost as much as I love working on creating beautiful memories for my clients. As we make the move to South Carolina I get even more excited about finding new adventures, I cant wait to see what Savannah has to offer!

You're more likely to find me with my camera in tow than not, even if my husband nags me otherwise, it is my lifeline. Just as I hope to achieve with your dream session, I want to document every aspect of this beautiful life that my family has been given. My passion for photography is driven by my desire to gain insight into your life and let those intimate details shine through. Just as I smile fondly when I look upon the family photos I have all over my home, I want to do the same for you.


Moments that are

Finding the authenticity of your love


I love turning my couples sessions into something amazing!  I strive to create truly authentic moments that show what your relationship is. Not every couple is steamy and full of lust,  some are full of wonder and adventure or laughing as you have tickle fights. No matter what your relationship is I am here to document the best parts of it.
My couples always come a little nervous not knowing what to expect. The number one thing I hear is "we are so awkward in front of the camera." I always just laugh because I have yet to find a couple who actually is.  When your focus is on loving your partner that love shines through so authentically.  Its all those little moments and sly smiles that show who you are as a couple and makes a session uniquely yours. 


I aim to give you an experience you will never forget

Your experience with me isn't just about pretty pictures. I mean I guess that is one of the final outcomes but it is so much more than that! I strive to provide you with the very best I can offer.

I have found the best albums that will last you a lifetime.  Ones that you will be proud to hold onto forever and pass down.  I use a print lab that I know is quality and are beautiful to hold in your hand.  Quality matters and with me that doesn't stop with the digital images.  

delivering the


invest in the moment

You can never put a price on an image,  your life only happens once. 

let's do this!

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capturing Life's Intimate Moments

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