I'm Samantha

As a boudoir photographer, you would probably expect me to be full of confidence & self-love. That is what I preach isn't it?! The truth is that self love is a choice you make every single day. It's easy to look in the mirror and pick out all of my "flaws". It's easy to see the rolls, the stretch marks and my scars. What isn't easy is looking in mirror and saying I am beautiful with my "flaws" you know the ones society tells me aren't pretty, forget that non-sense!! I am learning to give myself the grace my I deserve and say that everybody has a good body, especially mine! Come join my local community and let me show you the way!

More about me

After moving around with my active duty husband the last 8 years we have finally settled in the beautiful Richmond Hill, GA area. I can't wait to explore everywhere and make this our home. I spent the last 4 years really finding myself. In doing so I have found this passion of mine in supporting women on their journey through life.

My love for photography is driven by my desire to empower women and let those intimate details shine through. Everybody deserves to feel alluring,  beautiful and seen. And I want you to know that I see you. 

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WHY you

It is my mission to empower all women from any walk of life. No matter your shape, size, style you deserve to know how  beautiful you are right  now!


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