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I am so happy for the out pour of love and support for Cori, Shannon and their family.  This family is more than any other client to me, they have become part of my Ohana here in Kailua and mean more to me than they will ever know. Shannon Is one of my friends and her husband now known as Cori, has finally come out as trans.

It was such a big step, not just for her but for them as a family. This was the first time she has ever gotten to really go out and be herself in this capacity. We had been talking about doing family pictures for awhile and after talking about wardrobe for what seemed like eternity I finally suggested they come check out my client closet. I have gowns on gowns on gowns and i figured go big or go home.

She tried on all the dresses and honestly looked good in everything but she finally settled on this beautiful blue gown and fit her perfectly. With the family dressed to the nines we hit the sunflower patch, I was beyond worried I wouldn’t do her justice and that she was going to hate them. To hold someones self confidence in your hands in such a special way is pretty terrifying.

As a photographer you always want to go above and beyond and deliver something more than just pictures. You want to deliver those little intimate details that show the love that they live in daily. This session was no different but I knew it had the most significance, more than any other session I will probably ever have. I had the ability to alter perception in the most intimate way. I wanted to be sure that she felt just as beautiful as everyone else saw her.

 Ill let Cori tell you about what it was like and I hope it hits you in the feelers just like it did me.  When I asked her to write me a blog post I didn’t think I would end up in a pile of tears, but here we are. I may not know all the things but I know the worth of happiness and I am so glad i delivered that to her!

” …The next day, we went to a sunflower field in Waimanalo for our photo shoot. Sam had acquired a sunflower crown for me to wear, which helped my stop freaking out about my military-style haircut. My wife and I got changed at our car while Sam snapped pictures of the kids. I had never worn a dress in public before. The field wasn’t exactly crowded, but several other couples were there taking photos and let me tell you, I was pretty nervous. Then, Sam started shooting. Once Sam showed us the first few shots on her camera, I felt an incredible sense of calm and belonging. I looked gorgeous, and I honestly hadn’t felt that way before. Despite my flaws and insecurities, I was glowing. My fears of looking like a man in a dress abated, and we started having fun. Half an hour later, we packed up and left. Sam sent us the link to the first edits later that night, and I was in tears. This photo shoot helped build my confidence in ways I never expected.”

To read her FULL blog post check it out here:  I promise it is worth the read!!

Gowns: www.Lulus.comLocation: Samantha Byrd Photography Couples Photographer Kailua, Hi

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