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We all deserve a community of other women who lift us up! There is so much noise out there that basically shames women for not fitting into some arbitrary box. We constantly have a barrage of messages about who we should be and what we should be doing as women, without recognizing the powerful value we all bring to the world as individuals.

That shit has to stop! We are beautiful and amazing just as we are! And it’s time we started celebrating that – OFTEN.

I created a Facebook Community for that exact reason! I became a boudoir photographer so I could help women capture their fire! Behind the lens, I get to see the power behind the woman. And I started this community to help each woman recognize and celebrate that!

You are More than Just the Roles You Take On Every Day: 

Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Employee, Supervisor, Leader, Caretaker, Friend, Pet Parent, Plant Parent, Facilitator, Director of Operations, Peacekeeper, Influencer, Volunteer, Counselor, Survivor.

I mean, I’m exhausted just reading that list. And yet so many of us have bought into the lie that we are not enough. 

The truth is WE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, but in today’s world, we have some complex things going on, and because of that:

  • We are tired,
  • We are overstimulated
  • We are undervalued
  • We are time-strapped
  • We are cash-strapped
  • We are energy strapped
  • We are underestimated
  • We are overburdened

And that dims our light a little bit every day. So I got together with a badass group of women to build a social media community- free from the comparison traps and devaluing commentary- that helps us all find our fire!

Does this Online Community Have the Vibe You’re Looking for?

Are you a Boudie Babe?

Sure, this is a community started by me, a boudoir photographer; so you might see a few bums, you might read some spicy comments and questions. But the true value in this community is that it’s all about celebrating ourselves and each other just as we are, and it’s about creating connections with other women who will be there to support you on the path to self-love!

If the following statements resonate with you, Samantha Byrd Boudie Babes might be the place for you!

We believe:

Every woman is uniquely beautiful

Self-love is a daily process

There is value in lifting others

Positive energy multiplies in power when we share it

Women should be celebrated for their strengths

Women should be supported through their vulnerabilities

Women should feel empowered to own their uniqueness

We can break down stigmas and barriers when we talk about them

We can disagree and still respect and celebrate each other

EVERY Woman needs a tribe of other supportive women

If you believe these things too, check out our group. I hope you’ll stick around!

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