Shower Boudoir Sessions

Once you book a boudoir session with us we will talk about some of our set options. The shower set is one of my absolute favorites. There is something about playing in water that adds the perfect amount of spice to your boudoir photos. The sensual feel of the water on your skin is just perfection.

Don’t let the beautiful images fool you though. This set is one that is full of laughter. We always end with the water because you have to be committed to ruining that pretty hair do. Anything for the ‘gram though right? We start with adding a little coconut oil to your skin to help the water bead up nicely. Then I use my handy spray bottle to give you a good wet down. This process always has me dying and praying that my handy little bottle wont be too aggressive as it comes out.

But man, is the process to get here worth it. Like, look at how STUNNING these are. They are drool worthy. Would you use our fake shower set? Then what are you waiting for?

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