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As much as I love talking about why I think a boudoir session is so amazing, I think it’s time to share some testimony straight from women just like you! I have asked some amazing women to give me their story and their reason in hopes of showing that boudoir is for EVERY WOMAN no matter what. First up is the beautiful Liliana!

Women posing in boudoir studio

“My name is Liliana. I am 24 years old, going to college, and working full time. I decided
to do a boudoir photoshoot because of low self-esteem that I have struggled with for almost
two years. I was diagnosed with mild depression a couple of months ago and since then I’ve
decided to change my way of thinking.

Women posing in boudoir studio on couch

I was in a relationship that kept me from feeling beautiful and being my true self. It kept me from seeing the outer beauty part of myself, after leaving that relationship I decided to go back to who I really am and see myself as a true
goddess that I am.

Women posing in savannah boudoir studio against wall

Along with that toxic relationship, I am also dealing with trying to finish my
bachelor’s degree and working full time. I am a very independent woman and receive no help to
pay my bills. It is very stressful for me because I don’t get to live the life that most of the
people my age get to live. I am on my feet 12 hours 5-6 days straight and deal with people
every day, sometimes not so nice people.

Women posing in boudoir studio on gold sheets

When I saw the model call for the session, I was very hesitant to apply because of how I felt about my body but I told myself “why the hell not.” So I applied and it was so worth it! I was very nervous, I didn’t know how I would do it because I felt like my sexy face and body weren’t good enough but Samantha brought out the confidence in
me. She is such an amazing photographer and hype woman.

Women posing in boudoir studio

She made me feel so good about myself and my self-esteem was back to where it used to be. Viewing the pictures of myself was amazing, I couldn’t believe my eyes at how beautiful and sexy I really am! I am amazed at
myself. I love me and my body. I am unique and a goddess. NO ONE can take that away from me anymore. It was such an amazing experience, and I recommend every beautiful woman to do this at least once in their lifetime, regardless of color, size, and level of confidence! “

Women posing in boudoir studio shower scene

Ready to take the leap and find your fire?

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