How to Prep for Your Boudoir Session

I go over all this information in my welcome guide but I know sometimes you want all the details before booking your own experience!

So what is the best way to prep for a session? Well here are my top tips!

1.DRINK ALL THE WATER. I think I might need to start a text reminder because this one is important. Your skin will thank you when it is well hydrated. Not to mention a session is a full workout!

2.Stretch. Some light stretching can make all the difference sometimes when your arching your back or moving your body. I always recommend doing some light stretches or some yoga poses like downward-facing dog, upward dog, and Cat/ow pose! These will stretch your back out to prepare for that arching we will be doing!

3.Grooming. If you wax make sure you schedule it a few days before your session so that irritated skin has time to heal. Shaving do no more than 2 days before but not day of to minimize any razor burn. (Al Natural ladies your just good to go!) You’re already pampering yourself with a session so If you like to get your nails done Id complete the look with a fresh mani and pedi!

4.Shopping! Everyone is always nervous about what to bring. I link you my favorite shops in my full guide but bring at least 2 pieces that you LOVE! If you are not confident in what you’re wearing it will show, and you want to feel like the bombshell you are! I think it’s a good idea to get sized to make sure you’re getting a well-fitting bra as well!

5.Relax. Seriously, all will be fine and you will ROCK your session. I am here to guide you through all the posing and facial expressions. Get a full night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and come ready for a good time!

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