Why Hair and Makeup is Included in your Session

From every day to boudoir babe!

Girl, your boudoir session is a day to feel amazing, and what’s more amazing than not having to worry about a thing on the day we take those gorgeous photos?! Hair and makeup is included for a number of reasons, and it’s all about making it a day to feel and look AMAZING!

Reason #1 Get in the Mood

The hair and makeup come first, so it’s a great time to build that relaxing and fun atmosphere BEFORE our session starts. Let’s get you super comfortable and excited about the photos, and take this time to really make the most of your day. It’s a natural way to set the tone for the rest of our session together. This also gives us time to get to know each other and talk about life before we start shooting!

Reason #2 Feel Beautiful

When you’re treated to a little pampering, you feel amazing, right? And when you have your hair and makeup on point, it just builds that confidence factor we are looking for and helps it shine through on camera. I love nothing more than building up my boudoir babes, so this gives me a chance to jumpstart the hype-up. By the time we are ready to shoot the photos, you’ll feel as beautiful as you look!

Reason #3 Be Photo Ready

This is no time to DIY. You want pros who are used to the way your hair and makeup will translate on camera. You might be able to do a great job with your day-to-day hair and makeup, but it’s time-consuming to get it just right for styled professional photos—  and to prep by yourself is frankly asking for frustration, and missing out on a great opportunity to come into those boudoir photos feeling relaxed and feeling frisky. Let the pros make you feel and look like the goddess you are, and help capture photos that will be a flawless memory for years to come.

Want to make the most of your session beyond the hair and makeup? Here are some more tips to prep before your boudoir session

Ready to be pampered and see yourself as the gorgeous woman you are?  Fill out the Contact Form today to learn more about booking a session! Our studio is located just outside of Savannah, Ga in Richmond Hill!

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