Celebrating a Community of Caregivers During the Month of the Military Spouse

As a former military spouse—My husband exited the Marine Corps and we re-entered civilian life early on in the pandemic— I intimately understand the weight carried by the wives of those who are serving. Military spouses face unique challenges of never planting roots, and wearing all the hats at home during service deployments. They’re the beacon of support, helping their own communities, and becoming caregivers at home to veterans who often lack access to the resources they deserve. Military spouses are the warriors at home, making sure everything is held together while sacrificing so much of themselves, and rearranging their dreams and goals to support those who serve our country.

Every May, we take the time to appreciate those sacrifices and work to build support and resources to help empower military spouses. Savannah has a big military population, and I love nothing more than to honor military spouses with a boudoir session! It’s not all about getting sexy photos to share with your man — It’s about remembering and celebrating who YOU are as an individual, aside from everything you do for others.

You’re MORE than a Military Spouse 

There’s no doubt that military spouses should be honored for the commitment and sacrifice it takes to take on this role in the military community. But just like every other woman, you are more than the sum of your parts.

  • More than a wife and/or parent who holds down the fort and then picks it up and moves it whenever the government decides.
  • More than the lover who waits for her serviceman to come back home. Holding back her fears, loneliness, and frustrations to focus on the bigger picture.
  • More than the caregiver who helps her spouse reacclimate and find resources once they return home, and has to fight the system tooth and nail to get access to meet even the most basic medical and mental health needs. 
  • More than the woman who builds and rebuilds her home and community from scratch, over and over, while letting go of her own desires, goals, and dreams.

YES, those things deserve to be recognized and celebrated. But so do you, just as you are, for the wonderful person you are outside of the role you play for others. 

You deserve to celebrate what makes you unique and beautiful as a woman 

  • You deserve to be celebrated for your inner strength and capabilities that existed before your marriage and will continue to exist once your spouse enters civilian life.
  • You deserve to be honored and be pampered and given the adoration and attention you give to everybody else.
  • You deserve to know how worthy and valuable you are
  • and You deserve to take the time to do something for yourself, to remind you of all these things.

Let’s Celebrate YOU!

Damn does it feel good to do something for yourself! With a full with Samantha Byrd Boudoir, you can leave that heavy baggage you carry every day as a military spouse at the door! Even if the month of May is in the rearview mirror, there’s never a bad time to do something powerful for yourself!

Get the Dream Shoot Planner here, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a special idea to customize your session.

Bring out the side of you that has taken a back seat, and indulge yourself with a day that is all about you!

I can’t wait to celebrate YOU! feel free to share this blog post with other awesome ladies, and join our VIP Facebook Group to get access to a community of women who celebrate each other! 

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