Mental Health May- Embrace What Makes Us Amazing

Mental wellness is a big part of why I became a boudoir photographer. Women tend to put our needs last, and that also means we often fight our battles alone. I love celebrating my clients during their sessions, but it’s also about giving other women a safe space to be themselves. I want to help them remember and celebrate what is amazing about each of them, and break down the stigmas behind femininity, mental health, body image, self-esteem and so much more!

Mental Health May is really just a symbol for what I WISH we honored all year long. The conversations that should be happening around our self-concept and acknowledging the value in ourselves just as we are. Also, taking the time to do intentional things to improve our mental well-being. Whether it’s May, November, or any time of year, we deserve to —and we actually need to— take time for ourselves and our mental health.

A Space To Be Yourself

I love the feeling of delivering a safe space to celebrate ourselves just as we are. How many of us are our own worst critics, constantly sitting with our perceived faults and flaws, and the stigmas we’ve placed around anything that might be different or atypical about us? I mean, I am raising my hand here too, you’re not alone. But what I love about the boudoir community is how we create a space where we cherish those differences, and we embrace what makes us who we are. And you can BE the person who you want to be just as you are. 

Taking off the mask we put on for others and just letting our freak flags fly sounds fun, but to many, it feels TERRIFYING!  We are so used to being in our heads about how we want others to perceive us, and who we wish we were, that we forget that there is no shame in being exactly who we are. I can’t tell you how many clients have admitted how close they have come to canceling our session because we are programmed to stay in our comfort zone. But there is nothing more liberating and comfortable than unapologetically being your own damn gorgeous self. And that’s what we strive to create in every session. 

  • Imagine the opportunity to have as much freedom or control as you want
  • Imagine a chance to see yourself in a whole new light, appreciate the things you criticized, and instead see them as beautiful.
  • Imagine doing something for yourself with absolutely zero judgment, guilt, or distractions
  • Imagine a day that is all for you where you get to wear what you want, be who you want, and get pampered and celebrated the whole time like a GODDESS!

You are worth it, and so is your mental health!

A Community of Hype Women You Can Connect with DAILY

Beyond the photo sessions, I also created our VIP Facebook Group to bring women together to celebrate each other for this same reason. You can’t achieve mental wellness in a day, and you can’t achieve it alone. But you can take steps towards it every day. 

 So I wanted to create a space where we bring the backup and you can be free to be yourself and share your thoughts, interests, questions, and more about what makes being a woman amazing!! There’s no requirement to be part of the group, you can jump in and share every day, or you can silently watch and learn about us until you’re comfortable commenting.
You deserve a space to be yourself, whether that is in a physical studio or shoot location or whether it’s online among internet friends. I would love it if you’d join us on Facebook, I often put special offers and promo packages there, but there is absolutely ZERO pressure to purchase. We just want to give you a space where you can love who you are! If you want to learn more about my photo packages, reach out by clicking here.

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